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How can I change our LibGuides URL?

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2014  |  1916 Views

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Would you like to change...

  • From one domain to another?

    Just let us know at We'll take care of it all! If anyone enters the old URL (or uses an outdated bookmark), they'll automatically be redirected to your new domain.

  • From a domain to a custom domain (ex.

    Check out our FAQ on setting up a custom domain.

    If anyone enters the old URL, or uses an outdated bookmark, they'll automatically be redirected to your new domain.

  • From one custom domain to another?

    You'll need to go through the same steps you did when setting up your initial custom domain: have your IT folk create a CNAME record for the new domain, which points to

    In order to facilitate redirects from the old domain to the new domain, please ask your IT department NOT to delete the CNAME record for the original domain.

Don't forget to run a search & replace!

No matter which one of the above options you choose, you'll want to update links in your LibGuides system which may be pointing to the old domain.

Head to Admin Stuff > Link Management > Global Search & Replace. Enter the old domain (ex. as the text to search for, and the new domain (ex. as the text to replace it with.

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