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Can I add demos created with Adobe Captivate to my LibGuides?

it seems like an natural way to go, but I am new and didn't see instructions.
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We don't currently support uploading videos directly to a guide - instead, the video needs to be uploaded and streamed at a site like YouTube or Vimeo, or on your local campus servers.

Embed a video from YouTube:

   1. Get the Embed Code:

  • Navigate to the video you'd like to embed.
  • Click the Embed button below the video.
  • Copy the embed code in its entirety.
YouTube embed code.

   2. Add it to a LibGuide:

  • Go to the page in your guide where you'd like to embed a video.
  • Create a new Embedded Video box.
  • Click Embed a Video Clip.
  • In the popup box that appears, paste the embed code you got from YouTube in the Embed URL box.
  • Click Embed It and you're done!

Embed a video that was uploaded to your campus/institution servers:

  • To embed content provided on your local institution servers, it's best to talk with your local IT support team to determine the correct embed code.
  • Once you have the embed code, follow step 2 above to add it to your guide.
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