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Is it possible to make persistent links to titles in our catalog? We use Sirsi.

We can only get it to link to the catalog not the item.
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Sure can!

If you have a SirsiDynix Enterprise Catalog subscription, your OPAC should automatically showcase your persistent URL.

All other SirsiDynix Catalogs, follow our steps below:

Because you use Sirsi, it does require you to use a template because of session information in the URL, but it is possible.

Note: We don't always know how to create persistent links to individual items in all catalogs. I have previous experience with deep linking into Sirsi, so I am able to answer this question. For other catalogs, we ask that you speak with your vendor's support team for the answer.

For the following templates:

  • check your catalog URL to determine whether to use the template with cgisirsi or cgisirsi.exe;
  • replace domain with the domain of your Sirsi system.

Linking to Items

You can link to an item by adding the ISBN or ISSN to the following template in place of ISBN.
You should not add any dashes or spaces when entering the ISBN/ISSN.



Other Deep Links

You can also link to various other types of searches: Subject, Title, Author, or Call Number browse. Just replace the items in bold italics with the appropriate information.




Call Number Browse:

Hope that helps! :)

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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. I'm trying to create the same kind of "deep link" for our booklists. The SysAdmin and Cataloger have created booklists by adding a 598 field with code and indexed them. I'd like to place a link on our public website that brings our patron to the booklist. Example: The Code YB12G will provide a booklst for "Books for 1st and 2nd Graders". Thanks for your help!
    by Laurie on Jul 22, 2010.
  2. Another is to Search by the OCLC Control Number if you include that in your Bib records
    by Daniel on May 11, 2011.
  3. What about persistent links for Horizon, a SirsiDynix catalog? Our catalog is and the link examples didn't work for us. Thanks!
    by Ellen on May 16, 2013.
  4. Hi Ellen,

    This is something you would need to go to Sirsi about. They stopped development of Horizon in 2007, right around when we were getting started. Our librarians on staff haven't had any direct experience with Horizon, so unfortunately we don't have an immediate solution for you. Your best bet will be to either talk with Sirsi about how to create persistent links to your records, or, it never hurts to try this type of question in the Springshare Lounge - it may be that another library has Horizon and knows what to do!"
    by Dez Burke on May 16, 2013.

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