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Can I use LibGuides / LibGuides CMS as my library website?

Last Updated: May 28, 2013  |  2500 Views

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Absolutely! And there are a lot of folks out there who are! :)

All you need to do is:

  1. Customize your LibGuides/CampusGuides homepage however you like, and
  2. Redirect your usual library website URL to your LibGuides or CampusGuides site.

Redirecting Your Website URL to Your LibGuides/CampusGuides Site:

There are two options with redirecting your website URL to your LibGuides/CampusGuides site:

  1. Have your IT department set up a redirect, so that when folks go to your regular library website URL, they're automatically brought to your LibGuides/CampusGuides site instead...without having to know the URL.
  2. Use the Custom Domain Mapping option to set your LibGuides/CampusGuides site to use your regular library website URL.

If you'd like to use your usual library website URL, you'll need to have the Custom Domain Mapping option with your subscription & ask your IT folks to set one thing up on your end.

Having the Custom Domain Mapping means that your site URL will be branded the same way as the rest of your institution, make it easier to remember, and could help with rankings in search engines.

Note: This will only work for URLs that follow this pattern: This will not work for URLs that follow this pattern:

For more information about Custom Domain Mapping (or to check in to see if you have it ;):

Customizing Your Homepage

For your homepage customzation, you can either edit the standard homepage or create a custom guide!

See our guide on Customizing Your Homepage for LibGuides or CampusGuides

customize homepage guide


Here are some examples of folks who're using their LibGuides or CampusGuides site as their library homepage:

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