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How do I enable discussion boards on my Guides?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2013  |  1350 Views

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Enable Discussion Boards


Promote interactivity with your students by:

  • Posting discussion questions for assessment purposes
  • Encouraging patrons to post questions or comments
  • Collaborating with others on library assignments or gathering community feedback


    1. Navigate to your Guide > Guide Settings > Discussion Board
    2. Select Enable Discussion Board for this Guide > This will add another tab to your guide titled 'Discussion Board'.
    3. Want to moderate posts? Select 'Discussion board posts from the public must be approved before they will be visible'.
    4. Want to change the page name? Just type in a different value in the field!

What's Next?

  • If you want to create a discussion topic for patrons's to respond to > Start a New Discussion
  • Patrons will select discussion topic title to respond
  • Don't want to create a discussion topic? Leave as is and let the interaction begin!

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Other Answers / Comments (6)

  1. Are the comments of collaborators on a DB subject to moderation? for example, if students are collaborators on a guide, will emails still be sent to the owner when they post comments?
    by Sharon Webster on Aug 09, 2013.
  2. Discussion Board posts are not moderated by default. To make sure it's being moderated go to Guides Settings > Discussion Board > Check - Discussion board posts from the public must be approved before they will be visible

    Then all posts will be emailed to the guide author.

    by Zinthia Briceno on Aug 09, 2013.
  3. Can Discussion board posts be edited or deleted?
    by Cheryl Wardell on Mar 26, 2015.
  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Posts can't be edited, but they can be deleted. If you did have to make an edit, you can copy the text of the post, delete it, and paste the text (with edits) into a new post.

    by Brody Selleck on Mar 26, 2015.
  5. Can I create a discussion board in LibGuides 2?
    by Lorena on Nov 10, 2015.
  6. Hi Lorena,
    Yes! We are actually working on this very feature for an upcoming code update :)

    Keep an eye on our blog for announcements. :)

    by Valentina Mayz on Nov 10, 2015.

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