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How do I remove (or hide or delete) the last update date, guide URL, print guide, RSS update, email alerts, or share links at the top of a guide?

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Note: You must be an admin-level user to do this.

You just need to add some custom style code to the Custom JS/CSS Code box in the Look & Feel settings for your site.

Getting to the Custom JS/CSS Code box:

  1. Go to Admin Stuff > Look & Feel.
  2. On the System Wide tab, scroll down to the Custom JS/CSS Code box.
  3. Enter the appropriate CSS (from the information below).
  4. Click Save Custom HEAD.

If you have CampusGuides, you have the alternatives of adding the style code to the Custom JS/CSS Code box in the Group customization area or to a single guide (using Guide Look & Feel > Custom JS/CSS Code).

You can hide that entire line of information, or you can hide pieces of it.

A Diagram of the Classes:

The image below provides an outline of the classes:
Click to see a larger version of this image. (Opens in a new window.)

Guide Attributes classes

The Code to Use:

For any of these classes, use the following CSS to hide it: .classname { display: none; }

Make sure that CSS is wrapped in <style></style> tags! :)

For example:

  • Hide the whole line: .guideattr { display: none; }
  • Hide the Last Update: .lastupdate { display: none; }

Print Guide Link
There is one class that is a little tricky - .printguideurl
If you want to hide that, you'll also have to hide the border of either the .guideurl or .rssupdatelink classes, like so:

.printguideurl { display: none; }
.guideurl { border-right: none; } 

Hiding Most Elements...Left with an Extra Border
If you hide all but one item (or a couple of items), you may need to get rid of a border on one side or the other of the item. Just use the item class and either { border-right: none; } or { border-left: none; } depending on where the border is located.

Full List of Classes Written Out

Here's the full list of classes, in case you can't read them in the image above:

Element Class
Entire Line of Items .guideattr
Last Update .lastupdate
Guide URL .guideurl
Print Guide Link .printguideurl
RSS Updates link .rssupdatelink
Email Alerts link
(CampusGuides only) 
Share Button .guideshare
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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. What is the login link class? I have all elements removed but I want to keep the login link visible. Thanks!
    by Amy Norman on Feb 01, 2012.
  2. Hi Amy - that is #breadcrumbsr - you can see it in the "Customize Individual Header Elements" section on this page:
    by Anna Burke on Feb 01, 2012.
  3. I've noticed that other libraries have moved these items to the bottom of the page (like How would I change the CSS to do that?
    by Amy Gullen on Oct 23, 2013.
  4. Hi Amy,You can try using some CSS for this. I've sent it to you via email :-)
    by Valentina Mayz on Oct 23, 2013.

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