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How do I create tab / page names that occupy two lines?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2010  |  620 Views

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Are your page / tab titles really long? Would you like the page name to take up 2 lines rather than one? No problem! Just make use of our buddy <br> to force a line break in the tab title.

To do this:

  • Either create a new page, or select "Change Page Info" on an existing page
  • Enter the page title, inserting a <br> where you'd like your page name to break (aka go to the next line)
    • For example, on the demo site we have a page called "Other Dates", which is entered as "Other <br>Dates"
  • Save your changes - your page title should now occupy two lines
    • See the example at our demo site at
  • Keep in mind, making this change will force *all* the tabs /pages on your guide to take up 2 lines!
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