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Is there a widget for Noodletools?

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2011  |  528 Views

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We don't have access to Noodletools (or most other subscription based services), so unfortunately, unless the information about widgets from these tools is out on the open web (or our customers tell us about them), we don't know whether or not they exist. :(

After doing a quick search through the Community Site, I didn't find anyone out there who has a Noodletools widget in a guide. I also did a quick web search for documentation, but didn't find anything there either.

You may want to check through the documentation you have access to and see if they provide widget code there.

You can also post a question on the Springshare Lounge to see if anyone there knows whether or not a widget exists - it's the perfect place to connect with other Springhsare customers and learn from them!

If anyone else out there has any information on whether or not a Noodletools widget exists, please comment on this FAQ! :)

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Other Answers / Comments (2)

  1. Thanks Kim B. for sharing this link to a Noodletools logo that can be made into a custom widget!
    by Patty McClune on Mar 17, 2011.
  2. According to an email I received, in late January 2011, from Damon Abilock of NoodleBib, this is "on their radar".
    by Molly M. on Mar 17, 2011.

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