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How do I link a book in a "Books from Catalog" box to the actual record in our catalog? We are using Aleph.

When I copied and pasted the url from the catalog record into the url box in the "Books from Catalog" box, it took me to the general search screen, not to the actual record.
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Some library catalogs make it easier than others to link directly to an item in the online catalog. Some are nice and provide the link on the page, or have the URL in the address bar be the persistent URL. And then there are others where it is not so easy - mainly due to session information in the URL.

The best thing to do in these situations is to ask the vendor or look through their support information. For example, I found this for Aleph: AddThis Bookmarking from Aleph Full Record.

There are times, however, when we've been able to figure out how to do it. After looking at the example catalog using the AddThis bookmarking, I was able to determine how to create a persistent URL for Aleph records. It is definitely easier to just use the AddThis bookmarking they talk about on that page, but here you go:

Replace the text in bold italics in the URL below:

Items to replace:

  • domain: this is the domain of your Aleph catalog.
  • localbase: this wasn't the easiest thing to find. If you don't already know it, go to a search results page and hover over the Availability link. The URL will have the local_base identifier in it. Write it down and add it to the template URL.

    Once you have the domain and localbase figured out, you can use that as the template for all of your persistent links to items in your catalog.

  • docnumber: this is the identifying number for that item. You can also identify the doc_number by hovering over the Availablility link. Or, on the item page itself, you can hover over any of the links and find it in the URL.

    It might be even easier to right click on one of those URLs, copy it, and paste it into Notepad. Then you can just copy the doc_number and add it to the end of the persistent URL template for your library.

As I said, it's not always easy. ;)

There may actually be an easier way - you might want to check with your Aleph system administrator or with Ex Libris to find out!

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Other Answers / Comments (2)

  1. One of my colleagues solved this problem for us (our library uses ALEPH too). On the item record, under "Choose Display" select MARC tags. There should be a link for a "Direct URL."
    by Veronica Arellano Douglas on Feb 14, 2012.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Veronica! :)
    by Laura Harris on Feb 14, 2012.

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