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Can I implement Google Analytics in my guides? If so, how?

I know I need to have JavaScript as a scripting language and embed code. Can I add code to a LibGuide but not display it?
Last Updated: Feb 06, 2013  |  4167 Views

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To implement Google Analytics in your guides paste the code into the Custom JS/CSS Code  box of your system (under Look & Feel). You must be an administrator in your local LibGuides system to do this. If you're an admin:
  • Click on Admin Stuff > Look & Feel
  • Scroll down  until you see the box marked "Custom JS/CSS Code". Paste your custom Javascript based webpage-tracking code from Google Analytics (or similar services) into that box.
Note: We updated our code so that Google Analytics will pick up link hits in Links & Lists and Simple Web Links boxes!

If you previously placed Google Analytics code in the "Custom Analytics/Tracking Code" box (under Admin Stuff > System Settings) and would like to track this data, you'll need to remove the code from the "Custom Analytics / Tracking Code" section of LibGuides, and move it to Admin Stuff > Look & Feel > Custom JS/CSS Code

Your link hits will then show up in the “Content” report in the GA console.

Once you do that, the link hits will start to show up in the following format:

/<guide name>/<page name>/<link text>/<link href>

Update: Track Link Clicks from Link Boxes!

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Other Answers / Comments (8)

  1. If I start to use Google Analytics code, will I still be able to access the standard LibGuides statistics? I would like to have access to both!
    by Sandra on Jan 31, 2011.
  2. Yes, you can use GA alongside standard LibGuides Stats. They will not 'overwrite' each other.
    by Talia Resendes on Feb 08, 2011.
  3. Doesn't this add to the total? It seems like Google artificially inflates your numbers if someone clicks on a guide, then on an outbound link. Shouldn't that count as a single hit to the guide, not two?
    by Karen Merguerian on Mar 06, 2012.
  4. Hi, Karen -

    As I understand it, the hit for the outbound link does not get counted toward the hits of the guide itself. However, you may want to double check the Google Analytics documentation to see how they tally these statistics.

    Please let us know if you have any other comments or questions! :)
    by Laura Harris on Mar 06, 2012.
  5. Is there any way to implement GA in my own guides, using my own GA account? If implemented by a Libguide administrator, I won't have ready access to the GA data (or does Libguides display GA data for each guide along with the other stats?)
    by Susan Braxton on May 01, 2012.
  6. Hi, Susan - great question!

    It's not possible to implement Google Analytics in specific guides unless you have CampusGuides. One of the features of CampusGuides (that LibGuides does not have) is that you can add custom code to each guide. Usually this is used for CSS or javascript, but I believe it could also be used with Google Analytics.

    by Laura Harris on May 02, 2012.
  7. Hi

    So just to be sure, we need to put the tracking code in the look and feel area and take it out of the system settings? Will this lose the existing data we have in GA?


    by Mike Ewen on Mar 22, 2013.
  8. Hi Mike - Moving the code itself will not affect previous stats. That should be fine. - Ken
    by Ken Liss on Mar 22, 2013.

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