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What is the difference between linked URLs and copied URLs?

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2013  |  1101 Views
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Linked URLs (Hyperlinks)

Copied URLs (Hyperlinks)


1. More stable management of your content. As database or general website information changes (Title/URL), you only need to make the change once on the original and all mapped URLs will be updated.

2. Promotes consistency & standard of content items. URLs are titled the same and everyone is using the same links.

3. Removes the potential for human error. Copying/Pasting the wrong URLs or using session-based rather than persistent database links.

1. Allows your coworkers to reuse your URLs but gives them the freedom to make changes.

2. As copied URLs are not connected, if you accidentally delete the original it will not affect copied URLs.

Want to learn how to create linked/copied hyperlinks? Check out this page on our Reusable Content Guide.

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