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What is the difference between linked boxes and copied boxes?

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2012  |  1254 Views
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Linked Boxes

Copied Boxes

What is it?

Linking creates a connection between the original (parent) box and linked (child) box so that if content is updated in the original (parent) box then those updates cascade down to all linked (child) boxes. Copying creates a straight copy of the content, similar to the concept of a photocopy.
There is no connection between the original box and the copied box.


A coworker, would like to reuse your 'Library Resources' box on his 'Doing Scholarly Research' guide. If they wanted to use 'Library Resources' as is, without making any changes and they wanted all changes to the original to cascade down to his linked box, then using the linked box functionalitywould be most appropriate.

Please Note: You can only link-to boxes within your own LibGuides system! You cannot link to boxes inside another institution's system.

A coworker really likes the layout of your 'News Resources' box and wants to use your layout in a new a guide.

Your coworker wants to be able to change the content within the box but wants to keep the same structure and layout. By copying your box, they can make as many changes as they want!

How does it work?

Your coworker can't edit the contents of that box -only the box title.

If you update 'Library Resources' on your guide with newer links/images/etc > these updates are reflected on your coworker's guide.

If you delete this box > it is deleted on your coworker's guide too! (But don't worry, we let you know when you are deleting linked content)

Your coworker can edit their copy of your box any way they see fit!

If you make changes to your box, it will not reflect on your coworker's copy. The boxes are not connected.

If you delete your box, it will not delete your coworker's copy. The boxes are not connected.

Want to learn how to create linked/copied boxes? Check out this page on our Reusable Content Guide.

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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. Can I unlink a box and make it copied instead?
    by Kerri Bottorff on Oct 09, 2013.
  2. Hi Kerri,
    Once the box is linked, it's linked. You would need to Add New Box > Reuse Existing Box and check the "make a copy instead of mapping to the original" checkbox. Once you've made that unlinked box copy, you would want to delete the linked copy.
    Be careful not to delete the original box, though :-)
    by Valentina Mayz on Oct 09, 2013.
  3. Hi! What if the guide which contains my "parent" box is no more relevant? Is there a way to save the original box by transferring it to another guide? Or should I keep the no more relevant guide unpublished?
    Thanks for your answer!
    by P.-A. on Mar 17, 2015.
  4. Hi Pierre-Andre,

    Since you can't move a box to a different guide, your options are to either unpublish the irrelevant guide so that the original box stays or delete the guide and create a brand new box on a different guide and re-add mapped copies of it again.

    by Brody Selleck on Mar 17, 2015.

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