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My guide/reserves/document/login password isn't working. What can I do?

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2014  |  189008 Views

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Forgot Password

If you're trying to log into a system, use the Forgot Password or Password Reset link to receive a new password via email.

Whether you're trying to log in or view a password protected guide, e-reserve, or document, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure your keyboard is set properly. The Password field is case-sensitive, so make sure you didn't leave the ALL CAPS key on.
  2. Try to log in on another computer. This will help us determine if the problem is specific to your computer, your campus network, or perhaps your account.
  3. Try clearing your browser cache and/or restart your computer to make sure an old cookie is not getting in the way. (Not sure how? See How do I clear my cache?)
  4. Make sure the system date & time are correct on your computer, since an incorrect date or time could cause the login cookie to be deleted prematurely.
  5. Try temporarily disabling any anti-virus or internet security software running on your computer, since it's possible some applications may either block or delete our login cookie.

    If it works with your anti-virus or internet security software disabled (or if you'd rather not/can't disable it), try changing settings so it doesn't delete cookies or see if there's a place where you can whitelist both your LibGuides domain and You'll need to check the software's help/documentation to see where or how to make these changes, or you may need to check in with your IT department.

If you find you're still having problems logging in after going through these steps, please look for the Report a tech support issue link at the bottom of the guides, and let us know what's happening when you try the steps above. 

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