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I want to require users to authenticate via my proxy server before accessing my Guides, LibGuides, or LibGuides CMS. Can I do this?

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Restricting access to your site and routing users through your proxy server is possible! This feature is exclusive to LibGuides CMS.

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  • Access Rules (IP & Password)
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  • ...and much more.

Do you have LibGuides CMS and want to route users through an authentication proxy?
Please note: Routing users through your proxy server is a site-wide setting.

Here's how!

1. Add the IP address of your Proxy Server to the site-wide access rules in LibGuides CMS. (Admin Stuff > System Settings > Access Rules)

2. Add your site address to your Proxy Server Config File

3. Route all users to the your site via the proxified URL:

4. To allow on-campus users direct access, add their IP ranges (on-campus or in your community) to your LibGuides CMS Access Rules and to your Proxy Server Config File.

creating a new access rule


When users access your system from an unknown IP address or from the un-proxified URL they will be shown an 'access denied' message (see image below) by default, or they can be redirected to a URL of your choosing.

This can be used to redirect the visitor to an EZproxy or VPN login page, a text page that explains how to access the content from off-campus, or any other URL you choose.

For help setting up a custom error page or redirect please contact

Please note: we do not support any method of single sign-on for putting a Springshare product (LibGuides/LibGuides CMS/LibAnswers/LibCal/LibAnalytics) behind a login or authenticating against a list of users (LDAP). 

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