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How do I change the background of my form to match our color scheme?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2013  |  775 Views

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(1) Click on Modules > Surveys/Forms.  

(2) Find your form on the list and click on the  icon. 

(3) On the right side of the screen, you should see a box with the Form Properties tab selected. Click on the tab labeled Form Style

(4) Look for the second "chunk" of code:

(5) Change #ffffff to the color of your choice - we'll change it to #ccffcc to achieve a pale green. 

(6) Click the Save button. Your survey should look something like this:

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Other Answers / Comments (2)

  1. Is it possible to insert a background image instead of a color change to the entire form? What is the CSS code for this?
    by Andrew Battista on Jun 20, 2012.
  2. Hi Andrew - yes! You'd just need to delete background-color: #ffffff; and replace it with background-image: url('THE URL OF YOUR IMAGE') no-repeat; (Change no-repeat to repeat-x or repeat-y to only tile the image horzontally or vertically, or delete it altogether to have the image repeat *both* horizontally or vertically.) - Anna :)
    by Anna Burke on Jun 20, 2012.

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