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What is the E-Reserves Module?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2013  |  1211 Views

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The E-Reserves Module is an optional module for LibGuides & LibGuides CMS. It provides a centralized solution for managing and organizing your E-Reserve materials, and offers a great way to present hosted files, links to databases, and physical reserve items, all in one interface. And because this is LibGuides, your course reserve readings can be fully integrated with your existing research guides.

This provides one-stop access to all of the resources your students need for their classes: course guides & reserve materials. Students can search the e-reserves area by course or instructor, or get quick access via the E-Reserves tab in their course guide.

Here's a list of the key features for the E-Reserves module:

  • Centralized E-Reserve Management System
    You can create and manage a wide array of e-reserve items directly within your LibGuides interface
  • Upload electronic documents
    You can upload files up to 10MB in size, and most file types (.pdf, Word, Excel, .jpeg, etc.) are fully supported!
  • Link to documents in your existing databases
    As long as your databases support persistent linking, you can directly link to the documents that students need, and display these records directly alongside uploaded documents. You'll also enjoy proxy support and integration for these links using the same easy checkbox-option that's found in LibGuides.
    If your library catalog supports persistent links, you can include links to catalog records too! When students click these links, they'll quickly see whether the item they need is available.
  • Group documents by course
    Students will appreciate having a one-stop-shop for their ereserve needs. Uploaded documents, direct database links, and book records can be displayed together.
  • Organize into folders
    Organize your ereserves into folders to aid students in finding the right materials at the right time!
  • Restrict document access
    Thanks to the optional access restrictions in LibGuides CMS, you can restrict access to e-reserve items using IP restrictions (LibGuides CMS only), password restrictions, or both
  • Powerful cross-connections with your existing course research support
    The courses you create in the E-Reserves module can be associated with Guides you create in LibGuides. Students viewing a course guide will see an E-Reserves tab right in the guide, and can access their needed course readings right alongside the research assistance you already provide.
    Courses in the E-Reserves module can also be associated with your existing LibGuides Subject Categories. When viewing their needed readings, they'll see relevant research assistance all in one screen!
  • Pricing? It's what you've come to expect from Springshare!
    The E-Reserves module is available at a price that is literally orders of magnitude less than existing E-Reserves management systems. Ask us and you'll see for yourself.
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