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How do I insert a glog (from Glogster) into my guide?

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2011  |  1379 Views

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Adding a Glogster glog to your LibGuide is basically the same as embedding any other kind of object (like a video or PowerPoint presentation)'s all about where you find the embed code. :)

  1. After you find the glog you want to embed, click the Share Glog button in the lower right corner: 
  2. Click inside the Embed Code: box at the bottom of the Share screen. It should automatically copy to your clipboard. If not, make sure all of the code is highlighted, right click on it, and choose Copy.
  3. Back in your LibGuides or CampusGuides site, go to the guide & page where you want to add the glog.
  4. Add a new Rich Text box.
  5. Once it's added, click the add text link at the bottom of the box.
  6. Click the Plain Text Editor tab at the top of the screen. (This is important - it won't work if you paste the code in the rich text editor - you must switch to the Plain Text Editor.)
  7. Paste the embed code into the Plain Text Editor.
  8. Click Save and Close.

If the glog doesn't fit into the column where you added the box, you have a few options:

  • Resize the column by going to Add/Edit Pages > Resize Columns,
  • Move the box into a wider column by going to Add/Edit Pages > Reorder Boxes, or
  • Resize the glog:
    • Click edit text at the bottom of the box.
    • Click the Plain Text Editor tab at the top of the screen.
    • In the embed code, you'll see height and width attributes toward the end of the code.
      Change the height and width to fit into the column.
    • Click Save and Close.

Here's an example:

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