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How do I use the redirect option? Can I direct someone to another LibGuide? Or an external site?

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013  |  1754 Views

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It's easy to create "placeholders" in LibGuides - they can be used to direct someone to another LibGuide or even a resource outside of LibGuides!

For example, let's say you want to draw attention to your "Contact Us" page, which is on your library's main website. You can create a guide entitled "Contact Us", and not add any content - just use the redirect function and enter the URL of your contact page. Now, "Contact Us" will show up in your list of guides.

You can also use the redirect function in LibGuides to make it easier for people to find content. For example, let's say you created a help guide for End Note, v.1, and it has the friendly URL of "endnote". Version 2 came out, and it was different enough that you created a new guide for that - and you gave it the friendly URL of "endnote2". You can use the redirect function in the first guide to send people to the new guide.

Note: Do not add your guide's URL to the Redirect URL field. If you do, the browser will not be able to load the guide. (It creates an infinite loop that can never be resolved. ;)

You can do this right when you create a guide or after the fact.

When Creating the Guide

On the guide creation screen, fill out the form as you normally would, adding the URL for the external webpage in the Redirect URL field.

Redirect URL on the Create Guide screen.

After the Guide is Created

  1. While in edit mode in your guide, click Guide Settings > Change Guide Information in the orange command bar.
  2. Click on the Advanced Settings tab.
  3. Enter the URL for the external source you'd like to link to.
  4. Click Save.


    • The redirect URL is not a friendly URL. To set a friendly URL, click on the Basic Settings tab in the same window.
    • Make sure your guide is published or private - otherwise, your redirect won't work! If you want your external resource to show up on your LibGuides homepage, the 'Browse' pages, and other public pages in your system, make sure you publish the guide.
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    1. Thank you for the work-arounds, Anna!
      by Cathy on Feb 17, 2010.

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