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Can I create a survey, form, or quiz in my guide? Can I share it outside of my guide?

I want to add a form to my guide, but I also want to be able to put it in other places. Can I do that in LibGuides?
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If you have LibGuides CMS, you have a built in Survey / Form tool that'll help you build whatever kind of survey, form, or quiz you'd like!

(If the form you're looking to create is more of an "Ask a Librarian" type of form, you'll want to check out LibAnswers - it is the perfect product to help with all of your virtual reference needs. :)

Learn more from our Survey Tool guide in the help site:

  • Create / modify / style surveys (or forms or quizzes ;)
  • Change properties, like:
    • Visibility - set your form to only be visible between certain dates
    • Email notifications - decide who will be notified each time the form is filled out, no matter where it's filled out. (Guide owners will always be notified whenever submissions happen for surveys on their guides.)
    • Success message / URL to redirect users to upon submission
    • Password to access survey/form.
  • Adding, editing, and deleting questions
  • Reordering questions and answer options within questions
  • Sharing your surveys through links or embedding in guides / other webpages
  • Reviewing responses and exporting those responses to Excel.

Survey Guide:

Of course, if you don't have LibGuides CMS, you can use another survey tool or quiz creator and embed them in your guides using whatever embed options that tool provides! Just make sure you paste the code into the Plain Text Editor in a Rich Text box. ;)

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Other Answers / Comments (5)

  1. We use ProProfs to create free quizzes that can be embedded in your guide.
    by Andrea R. on Feb 15, 2010.
  2. Can you tell us what LibGuides Box type you used to embed the quiz?
    by SLL on Jul 23, 2010.
  3. For SLL: You'd add the code to a Rich Text box using the Plain Text Editor. More info on how to embed widgets using the Plain Text Editor here:
    by Anna on Jul 26, 2010.
  4. I found that the easiest way to embed a Survey Monkey quiz is using a simple iframe. I found that the embed code from the Survey Monkey embed option does not work on LibGuides. You just need the url for your Survey Monkey website collector. The iframe embeds the website into Libguides and therefore is fully functional. Here are the instructions:
    1) create a new rich text box
    2) select the Plain text editor tab
    3) input this code: <iframe src ="https:urlofyoursurveymonkey" width="100%" height="900">Survey Monkey</iframe>
    4) note: you can change the width and height so that it best fits your Libguides box.
    by Karina on Aug 26, 2010.
  5. ProProfs works well, except that the free version severely limits you to only 10 or so quiz attempts. You have to decide if the monthly cost of $30+ is worth the upgrade.
    by Fitzgerald Georges on Nov 29, 2012.

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