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Can I hide or unpublish a single tab or page of my guide? What about a single box?

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013  |  2553 Views

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Yep! You can:

Click on one of the links above to see the how-to!

Also good to know...

The page name will be italicized as a visual cue that it's a hidden page:

Hidden page image

The only folks who can view a hidden tab are the folks who have editing rights to that guide.

  • Any system administrator,
  • The user who created the guide,
  • Any co-owners, editors, or collaborators on the guide.

Other logged in users can click on the guide in the Guide Index, but they won't have access to the edit view of the guide, which is the only place the hidden tabs show. (And if the guide is unpublished, they won't be able to see the guide at all.)

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Other Answers / Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for this solution, it will be very helpful to me. I do think copying whole pages would be quite useful, but in the meantime, this is a good workaround.
    by Arlene Kallen on Jan 27, 2010.
  2. We were surprised to find that even tho a page was hidden on a published guide, it showed up in a search of the guides, when it wasn't ready for viewing. Is there a way to prevent that?
    by Barbara Churchill on Mar 06, 2012.
  3. Barbara let us know what happened - their top-level page was hidden, but the sub-tabs of that page were not hidden.

    Since those sub-pages weren't hidden, they got indexed by our search engine.

    Barbara's solution was to hide each of the sub-pages too. This is the best solution - hiding the sub-pages will prevent them from getting indexed.

    Thanks Barbara!
    by Laura Harris on Mar 06, 2012.

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