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How can I add our EZProxy prefix to our database URLs?

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2013  |  3289 Views

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Adding your proxy prefix to your database URLs is a snap! First, you'll need someone with an administrator-level account to add the prefix to your system settings:

  • Navigate to Admin Stuff > System Settings > Link Options.

  • Toward the top of the page you'll see a section called Proxy Server URL - click the line below to edit:

  • Click Save!

Once your proxy prefix is in your system settings, all users will be able to easily add the prefix to database links - they just need to look for the checkbox:

One benefit to adding your proxy prefix to your system settings is that it streamlines the linking process - neither you nor your users have to add the proxy prefix manually to every database link!

It also makes your life easier if your proxy prefix ever changes - heaven forbid! If it does, just change the proxy prefix in your system settings - it will automatically update every link that has that checkbox checked!

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