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I want to link to specific sections in my guide. How can I create anchors?

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2014  |  6717 Views
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Before you get started creating anchors, you should know that every box in your guide already has an anchor! You can link directly to any box. To find the link:

  1. Find the box you want to link to, and click edit in the upper-right corner of the box.
  2. Select Edit Box Info, and select the Box Link & Embed Code tab.
  3. Copy the first URL, and use the link wherever you'd like. Anchors are commonly used in creating tables of contents, but that's not all they can be used for!

Want to link to a different section of your guide? No problem! To create an anchor...

  1. In the rich text editor, highlight the text that will act as the anchor an anchor.
  2. Click the anchor icon (Screen shot of anchor button from rich text editor toolbar.) in the second row of the rich text editor's toolbar.
  3. Give the anchor a name. (It can be anything, but short & relevant is best.)

    insert/edit anchor screen

  4. Click Insert.

If you'd like to link to the anchor, you'll need to "construct" a link. First, take the URL of the page. For example:

Then, add a # followed by your anchor's name:

That's all there is to it!

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Other Answers / Comments (2)

  1. Once I've created the link for the anchor, what do I do with it then?
    If I try to simply insert the link, it displays the entire URL, which is not what I want.
    Yet I can't insert another anchor either. Any tips?
    by Kati on Mar 31, 2014.
  2. Hi Kati,
    I think the confusion here is that the anchors in boxes are already created, the instructions just show you how to find them.

    It sounds like what you're asking is the part pertaining to the 'where to link *from*' aspect. Am I correct?

    Here is an illustration I made that I hope will help clarify this a bit:

    Please let me know if this doesn't help.
    by Valentina Mayz on Apr 01, 2014.

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