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How do I create subpages under the main page so that they appear as a drop-down list?

eg.if my main page is "Using the Library", then I want to create other pages that will fall under this main page, e.g. "borrowing status," "opening hours," etc...
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Creating a sub-page is just like creating a new page for your guide.

The only difference is the choice of Page Position when creating the page.

  1. Go to Add/Edit Pages > Add New Page.
  2. Page Name: Give your page a name.
  3. Description: If you add a description, it will appear as a tooltip when someone hovers over the tab/subpage.
  4. Position: This allows you to choose whether the new page is a top level page (one of the tabs on your guide) or a sub-page (drop down under a tab).
    • Click the arrow on the right to drop down the list of options.
    • Choose which page you want this new page to be listed under.
  5. (Optional) Provide the URL the page should point to. Notes:
    • This is optional.
    • This is not the Friendly URL you can define when you publish the guide.
    • If you add a URL here, you will not get a page to add boxes/content.
      It will simply link the user out to the URL provided.
  6. Click Create Page.

Add new page - choose page position

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Other Answers / Comments (7)

  1. This is just what I was looking for. However, my main tab goes to a broken link. Can you tell what I need to do to correct it?
    by Phillip on Mar 25, 2011.
  2. Hi Phillip,

    There are two reasons that the link isn't working. The first is that the link is to a guide that isn't published. So you need to publish the guide first. The second reason is that the link to that guide isn't the correct link. The link you were using is for logged-in users only. You'll notice that in front of the content.php are the letters ae...this indicates that it is the logged-in version of this page. You would need to adjust the URL to be Just remove the ae (by the way, I already did this for you).

    Let m know if this answers your question!
    :) Talia
    by Talia Resendes on Mar 30, 2011.
  3. Hi! Can I do the opposite of what this describes- create a page and have it NOT show on the drop-down list? I want to create a page that will provide support for another page, but not appear on its own in the drop-down.
    Thank you!
    by Adrienne on Sep 26, 2012.
  4. I have the exact same question as Adrienne....I want to create a page that does NOT appear on its own in a drop-down menu, i.e. I only want it available from the 'parent' page.
    by Janet on Sep 27, 2012.
  5. Hi Adrienne,
    Great news! Your question is actually not an uncommon one, so my awesome colleague Anna made a new FAQ to show precisely how to do this – check it out:
    by Valentina Mayz on Sep 27, 2012.
  6. This is great! Is there a way to organize the subpages once you've created them i.e. now I have a list but I'd like to put everything in alphabetic order.

    by Tanja Harrison on Dec 12, 2012.
  7. Hi Tanja, you can reorder pages, including sub-pages, by following the instructions on this FAQ -
    by Zinthia Briceno on Dec 12, 2012.

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