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I'm uploading a file and it won't work. What is the maximum size for a file upload?

Uploading a file to the Documents & Files box type and I keep getting an error message!
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If you are uploading a file, using the Documents & Files box type, and you or your users are getting an error message when they click on the link, there could be two possible reasons.

1. 5MB Max

Uploaded files are limited to 5MB. If your file is larger than 5MB, consider breaking it up into smaller chunks (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc.) and uploading those chunks separately or

  • upload the file to a web server at your library and link to it in your guide, or
  • you could even use a web hosting service like SlideShare or DivShare - upload your document there and link to it or embed it in your guide.

2. Characters in the File Name

When uploading documents to a web server it's best to have the file names contain only alphanumeric characters (including a - or _). Non-alphanumeric characters, !@#$%^&*(), have special meaning to the web server so the browser gets confused when it is part of the file name.

How to fix this? Easy! Just rename your file so it doesn't contain an non-alphanumeric characters and re-upload.


3. Length of File Name

We allow for files names to be, maximum, 100 characters. Try renaming files locally to something that is less than 100 characters and try uploading them again.

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