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Can I delete the "profile and guides" link in the profile box?

I want to delete the text that appears underneath my contact information. Links: "Profiles & Guides"
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Insert the following code in your Custom <Head> Code section located:

Admin Stuff > Look & Feel > System-Wide Tab

Important: Be sure to insert this code between <style> </style> tags in the custom <head> section.

There are two ways to accomplish hiding the profiles & guides text and link:

First Way: Insert into your Custom <head> section

#profile_link { display:none; }

This will hide the actual link and link text, "Guides & Profiles" but it won't hide any other links that the profile owner has defined such as websites & blogs. However, if the profile owner has no link defined for websites & blogs, the field below "Links" will be empty.

For example:

If you wish to hide the entire section, including the word "Links":

Second Way: Insert into your Custom <head> Code section

#profile_links { display:none; }

This will hide all if the links underneath the word "Links" (even if they are defined by the profile owner) as well as the word "Links". 

For example:

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