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I'm trying to reorder boxes and reorder pages on my guide, but it won't work. The drag & drop tool isn't working, am I doing something wrong?

I am using Firefox and the drag & drop tool for reordering boxes and pages isn't working.
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Have no fear, your computer isn't broken! If the drag & drop tool isn't working in Firefox it might be a known issue with a Skype add-on.

We've seen this issue in the past with the Skype add-on for Firefox. For some reason, the Skype add-on prevents people from reordering boxes & pages in LibGuides. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as this is an issue with Skype and not LibGuides.

Try disabling/removing the Skype add-on:

  • Go to Tools > Add-ons
  • Choose the Skype add-on and click the Disable button.
  • Go back and try reordering pages/boxes.

If that doesn't fix the problem, you can try clearing your cache. Instructions on how to do that are here. If you are still unable to reorder boxes or pages, email us at

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