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What is the Images & Backups Module (formerly the Add-on Module), and how do I get it?

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2012  |  7567 Views

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The Images & Backups Module (formerly Add-on Module) for LibGuides & LibGuides CMS (formerly CampusGuides) gives you 3 additional pieces of functionality:

1. Image Manager

Users can upload images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .ico files) from their computer into the LibGuides boxes via the Rich Text Editor or the Dashboad > Modules > Add-On Module page, and the images will be stored on LibGuides servers.

The initial storage limit is set to 2 GB per institution, i.e. approx 10,000 images using the average image sizes – more than enough for all practical purposes of using them in your guides.

As storage costs decrease we will also increase the storage limits and pass on the savings to you. If you have a need for larger storage space please let us know. The image upload screen is inside the rich text editor, after clicking the “insert/edit image” icon.


2. XML Export

XML ExportAdmins can request to download an XML file with all LibGuides content for your institution.

Admins can then use these XML files locally to create data mashups, feed them to the institution’s search appliances, or … use them for any other purpose.

This function is available to admin-level users on the Modules > Add-on Module page.


3. Individual Guide Backup

Guide BackupGuide owners can create local backups of their guides, in html format, on their computers.

We perform daily backups of all our databases but many of our users would like to be able to have a save a copy of their guides on their own computer.

Local backup can also come in handy if you accidentally delete a box or a page on your guide – you can quickly rebuild it using data from your local backup.

Go to Guide Settings > Create Backup when editing any guide.


To get the Images & Backups Module, speak to your library's LibGuides Administrator, or email us at for more information, including pricing.

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Other Answers / Comments (5)

  1. We have the Image Manager, but as an Admin, I'd like to be able to update images and have other account users access and use images from my personal image library. I'm guessing this isn't possible at the moment, but it would be a great enhancement.
    by Suzanne Bailey on Oct 05, 2011.
  2. Hi Suzanne -
    That's a great idea! I've added your name and email address to our feature tracking system, so if and when this feature is implemented we'll be sure to let you know.

    Also, I wanted to share an alternative method for this in the meantime. You could create an unpublished storage guide in your system for "Shared Images", and add any images you want guide authors to share to that guide. Image URLs are persistent once they're uploaded to the image manager, so you could reuse any image in the system by right-clicking on it, choosing "Copy Image URL", then pasting that URL in the Image URL field of the "Add Image" screen.
    Hope this helps! -Sarah
    by Sarah Pawlek on Oct 06, 2011.
  3. I second this idea. We do a lot of guide creation on behalf of others at our libraries and would love to be able to transfer ownership of images to others too when we hand the guide over. Thanks!
    by Christine Tawatao on Nov 14, 2011.
  4. I wonder if this improvement is still being considered? We have the module and it would be very helpful to be able to share those images across all users

    Thanks- Mary
    by Mary Augugliaro on Jul 24, 2012.
  5. Mary - Yes we're still working on getting this feature added.
    by Zinthia Briceno on Jul 24, 2012.

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