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Why aren't my guides showing up in my search results?

I published a new guide and updated a few others, but they're not showing up in the results when I search for them.
Last Updated: Nov 04, 2011  |  1962 Views

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Because of the large amount of data stored in LibGuides, we update the search index every weeknight.

So any changes you make to your guide (including publishing your guide) can take up to 24 hours to appear when searching or looking at lists of guides by subject.

This means that:

  • guides you publish will not show up in search results immediately after you publish them;
  • searching on content you just updated will not immediately return those guides in the search results;
  • guides you just associated with subjects will not immediately show up when you search for guides in that subject category.

If your guide is still not showing in the results list when searching the next day, please contact us at and let us know:

a) the search term you were using, and
b) the name and URL of the guide you expected to see in the search results.

Unpublished and Private guides are not indexed, and therefore will not show up in the search results.

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Other Answers / Comments (6)

  1. Does the same timeframe apply to tags as well? That is, tags can be entered and appear instantly but may take up 24 hours before the search picks them up?
    by Jane on Nov 23, 2011.
  2. Yes, that is correct. Our search index updates nightly, so anything you add to your system will not appear in search results until the next day. :)
    by Anna Burke on Nov 23, 2011.
  3. Since private guides aren't indexed to be searched at all, would there be anyway to index only tags assigned to them in order to make them searchable?
    by David Woolard on Sep 11, 2012.
  4. I'm not sure searching tags only is technically possible, but I will check. But it would also mean that private guides, which are viewable only to those who have the URL, would be discoverable by anybody. That would make them less private.
    by Ken Liss on Sep 12, 2012.
  5. We have the opposite problem, a private guide that still shows up in Google search results and the link works as well. This is probably because the guide wasn't made private until a few weeks after it's creation, so google had time to index it. Is there anyway to prevent this? Maybe the best solution for us would be to delete the guide and make a new one, that is private from scratch....
    by Ingela Wahlgren on Dec 13, 2012.
  6. Hi, Ingela,
    Your suggestion to copy the guide and make it private from the start would work as long as the friendly URL was not the same as the one Google indexed. Another thing to consider is whether statistics are important for this guide; starting over with a new guide means starting from 0. If statistics for this guide are important, you can unpublish—but not delete—the old one, and the statistics for it will remain in your system.
    by Cindi Trainor on Dec 13, 2012.

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