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Do any of the database vendors create LibGuides we can all use (i.e. EBSCO, Credo, GALE, etc.)?

It would be great if these folks who know all of the details and tips and tricks would just offer libguides on their help and training areas. Much time would be saved!
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Yes! We are working with a few vendors already and are hoping to get more on board. :) 

You can find those sites by going to the LibGuides Community site and selecting Partner Sites from the drop-down that says 'All Library Types.' 

Some of these vendors are new to LibGuides, so if you don't see any guides there, you can also use the Community site's search box to search across all LibGuides sites - other librarians have created some amazing guides on how to use various databases! 

So go enter the name of a database & see what you find! If you find a guide you like, contact that guide author to see if you can copy their guide into your system.

For example, here are results from my search on Academic Search Premier

Community site - partner site search

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  1. I am confused by this answer. How do I find such vendor sites once I get to the LibGuides Community site-- what am I typing in the search box? The vendor name? Also, the link for your example search for Academic Search Premier did not work.
    by Sandra on Jun 20, 2012.
  2. Hi Sandra - Yes, you can go to the Community site and search by vendor name to see if they have a site with us. If you just use the "Partner Sites" limiter (drop down "All Library Types" and choose "Partner Sites" – it's below the search box in the "Search for a library…" section), you'll get a list of all partner sites. If you'd like, you could then also use the search box to find a vendor partner by name within the Partner Sites listing. Also, thanks for the info about the link - I fixed it, so it's working now. :) Please let us know if we can help you with anything else! - Anna :)
    by Anna Burke on Jun 20, 2012.

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