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How can I add cover art for DVDs or CDs to a Books from the Catalog box?

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2012  |  2931 Views
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Since Syndetics has cover art for DVDs and CDs, it is technically possible to add the cover art to a Books from the Catalog just requires the DVD/CDs UPC number & a little trick. ;)

The requirement in that box is to add a 10 or 13 digit ISBN...since it's mostly used for books. The UPC numbers I've found for DVDs are 12 digits. I found that adding a zero to the beginning of the number makes it work.

So, here's how you do it:

  1. Find the DVD/CDs UPC number.
    • Look at the DVD cover;
    • See if it's listed in your catalog;
    • Look it up on Barnes & Noble. (I've found that it's not listed on Amazon...)
      • Search for / click on the correct title.
      • Click the Full Product Details tab (below the basic product info).
      • Copy the UPC number.
        Product details with UPC number.
  2. Go to your Books from the Catalog box and click Add New Book.
  3. In the ISBN field, paste the UPC code for the DVD/CD.
    Add as many zeros to the beginning of the number as you need to make it 13 digits.
  4. Click Syndetics in the Cover Art area on the right.
    (Do not click Get Book Info - if you do, you'll get a "No matches found" error.)
  5. Add in any other information you'd like to have in the box.
  6. Click Save Book Info.
Getting DVD/CD cover art


Example of Books from the Catalog entry with DVD cover art.

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Other Answers / Comments (8)

  1. Anna - thanks for this great tip - it worked! Another tip - when looking for music CD covers, the UPC has only 11 digits - so adding two zeros at the front worked for me! Of course not all were found but enough to keep me happy! An example of this - the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance UPC 9362444272 - adding 2 zeros finds the Syndetics cover!
    by Sandra on Oct 19, 2010.
  2. Most of the time, when I type the UPC number in the ISBN field, add a zero and click on Syndetics, no cover appears... Could you tell me why the number of covers in Syndetics is so limited?
    by P.-A. on Nov 01, 2013.
  3. Hi Pierre,
    A couple of weeks ago we had some problems with Syndetics that have since been temporarily resolved.

    While access to book covers was restored, it does appear that we no longer have access to some CD & DVD cover art. I know of one other report of problems similar to yours, but we have not received many - so I believe that at least some CD cover art is still available.

    Due to these problems, we will be changing things over in the very near future - instead of retrieving cover art from Syndetics, we will be retrieving it from the Books in Print database. (Both are owned by Bowker, but as I understand it, the latter will provide more reliable and secure access.)

    However, Books in Print may not provide us access to CD & DVD cover art - we're still figuring this out with the vendor, so I don't have a response to this just yet.
    We hope this will be decided very soon!

    Feel free to send us an email to in a week or two if the problem persists.
    by Valentina Mayz on Nov 01, 2013.
  4. At one time, I had cover art for all of our DVDs. Recently I noticed many were blank, and when I try to edit them, no images are found on Syndetics. I'm glad to find out it's an issue that is being resolved.
    by Kim Hocking on Nov 20, 2013.
  5. Well, I notice that the problem remains. Too bad, because adding DVD covers is (was?) really a "+" for our libguides. I hope a solution will be found pretty soon.
    by P.-A. on Dec 11, 2013.
  6. Hi Pierre and Kim,
    Our CEO has personally been talking with Syndetics/Bowker folks about this issue. While they are moving slowly on it, and I apologize for the delay, it does appear that we are going to have a positive resolution to the issue. In other words, it appears they will enable us to get back the media covers (CDs, DVDs, Journals), and not just the book covers.
    The issue concerns some legal usage issues so that's why it's taking a while to sort out.
    Sorry again for the inconvenience - we also want to get this back online for you :-)
    by Valentina Mayz on Dec 11, 2013.
  7. Any update on the status of this? Thanks.
    by David Gray on Aug 11, 2014.
  8. Hi David,
    This problem was resolved a while back. If you're still experiencing a problem, could you write us at and provide URLs to pages on your LG system where this can be seen by our support team?
    We'll be glad to help figure it out.
    by Valentina Mayz on Aug 12, 2014.

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