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How do I insert headings within a list of books with cover art, for example: General, Special Education, etc.?

Also, how can create more space above and below the text dividers so they' stand out. Many thanks!
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The best way to do this (currently) is to add your divider categories as additional "fake" items in your list of books. To add a fake item:

  • Click Add New Book
  • In the Book Title field, enter the heading name as you'd like it to appear (eg. "General Literature")
  • You can also add explanatory text for your category using the "Description" field
  • Click Create Book

That should net you a result that looks something like this:

Text Dividers

If you'd like to insert more spacing around those dividers, you can do so by strategically adding the <br> tag in the Book Title (or item description, if you've chosen to enter text there) field.  For example, try adding the text between the quotes below (not the quotes!):

  • Entering "<br><br>General Literature" in the Book Title field will generate 2 line breaks before your text
  • Entering "General Literature<br><br>" will generate 2 line breaks after your text
  • Entering "<br>General Literature<br>" will generate a line break on either side of your text
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