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How do I use the "Resource Icons" feature?

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2012  |  12066 Views
Topics: Links, Images

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Step 1: Set up Resource Icons (System Admins Only)

  1. Head to the Dashboard
  2. Select Admin Stuff -> System Settings
  3. Click the Link Options tab; look for the box marked Resource Icons
  4. Upload each icon that you'd like to use by selecting Browse, and then selecting the icon image from your computer. Keep in mind:
    1. Icons will be displayed at 16px by 16px resolution, so your icon file should be as close to that size as possible.
    2. The best formats to use are .jpg or .png
  5. Once you've uploaded an icon, you can also asign a Description (which will show up when a user hovers over the icon) and a Link (which the user can get to by clicking on the icon). 
  6. Click the Create button. 
If the default size of resource icons (16px x 16px) is too small, change it to a custom default size! 
  1. Head to the Dashboard
  2. Select Admin Stuff -> Look and Feel
  3. Scroll to the Custom JS/CSS Code box, and enter the following code, replacing "16px" with whatever size you'd like:
    .res_icon {height:16px; width:16px;}

Step 2: Use the Resource Icons

Once you've created Resource Icons, they can then be used within Simple Web Links and Links & Lists boxes. You don't need to be a system administrator to use the Icons. To use the icons:

  1. Either Add a Link (for new links) or select Edit Link (for existing links).
  2. When creating a new link, you should see a pop-up window like this one - check the box next to the icons you'd like to use. 

Note: if the system administrator associates a resource icon with a particular link, a guide author can override that link by entering their own in the 'Optional Custom URL' space. If the guide author leaves that field blank, the icon will link to whatever URL has been set on the Custom Text & Fields page. 

When you're done, click the Create Link button. Your link should now look something like this:


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Other Answers / Comments (14)

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I was wondering is it possible to have the resource icons displayed at the beginning of the link rather than at the end (ie. where the bullet point is currently located)?
    by Taryn Kweka on Sep 13, 2011.
  2. I second Taryn's question - I was hoping for the same thing. Even just at the beginning of the link instead of replacing the bullet point would be great.
    by Britnee on Sep 30, 2011.
  3. Hi all -
    It's not possible to swap around the location of the Resource Icons in the Links boxes. To get a layout of product icon, then the link, what we'd recommend doing is using a Books from the Catalog box instead. The Books from the Catalog box still offers the same functionality that the links boxes do in terms of reusing links, tracking how often users click the links, etc. To set this up:

    - Grab the image URLs for your resource icons
    - Create a new Books from the Catalog box
    - Click Add New Book
    - Enter the Link Title in the "Book Title" field
    - Enter the Link URL in the URL field
    - Enter the image URL for the resource icon in the Cover Art URL field

    Check out this example from Yavapai College to see this in action:
    by Sarah Pawlek on Jan 13, 2012.
  4. Is there a standard set of icons somewhere that we can pull from? I'm looking for a "trial database" icon but don't want to have to create one from scratch.
    by David Gibbs on Jan 24, 2012.
  5. Hi David,
    I would recommend checking out these sites which are free/pay-for image libraries. Try checking them out to see if they have a trial database image that would work for you!
    :) Talia
    by Talia Resendes on Jan 24, 2012.
  6. Hi David,

    A great free icon database is All images are free for noncommercial purposes, and many for commercial as well.
    by Tammy Ivins on Apr 11, 2012.
  7. I agree that the image looks better on the left hand side. You can achieve this by prefacing your image details with <img src=" etc. as in the example below.
    <img src="" />
    This is covered in FAQ
    However, this prevents the boxes from sorting correctly - the image as a title appears blank in the list. Another option is to simply paste the image code (above) into the description field (at the start). This will display the image justified to the left. Add description details of your link after this if appropriate. Add the title of the link as normal so the hyperlink works and the boxes will sort as normal.
    by Paul Devine on Jun 24, 2012.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Paul! :)
    by Laura Harris on Jun 25, 2012.
  9. What's the reasoning for not being able to have icons smaller than 16x16? We feel 16x16 is a bit to large and would ideally like our icons to be the size of your More Information icon.
    by David Woolard on Mar 06, 2013.
  10. Hi David. The same instructions in the FAQ for making the icons bigger can be used to make them smaller. Did you see something that said their was a minimum size? - Ken
    by Ken Liss on Mar 06, 2013.
  11. What do you do if resource icons do not show in a box linked form the original?
    by Helen B. on May 17, 2013.
  12. Resource Icons should carry over if you reuse (copy or link) the box.

    If they don't send us an email to and we'll take a closer look.
    by Zinthia Briceno on May 17, 2013.
  13. Is there a way to get statistics for the resource icons? We use them for database help and we're wondering if anyone's using them.
    by Michelle on Dec 10, 2013.
  14. Hi Michelle!
    No, there are currently no stats generated by these, but that's a good suggestion :-)
    I have shared this with the developers and added your contact info to our feature tracking system so we can notify you if this added in a future release.
    by Valentina Mayz on Dec 10, 2013.

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