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How do I change order of manually selected links on a Links to Guides Box?

I was using a "Links to Guides" box to create a box of links manually. It works easily, in that I can scroll through a list of guides and select the ones I want for this specific need. The problem is that I need to rearrange the order (left one out of order, plus will need to add new ones to this list later that don't belong on the end of the list). I can't find a way to rearrange order of links in this one kind of box and using other types, for which I know I can, it's not as easy.
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Unfortunately, the only way to reorder the links of manually selected guides in a Links to Guides box is to remove guides and add them in the order you want them to appear.

Having another option to reorder them is a good idea, though, so I will send that on to our development team for discussion. If/when reordering has been implemented, I'll update this FAQ.


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Other Answers / Comments (6)

  1. We've actually decided to use the Link to Guides box to create a different home page. We're assigning "subject guides" as a category and automatically generating a list that goes straight to guides rather than the intermediate page. This works a little more smoothly for us, but it would be great to have some facility for changing how the list looks (space out the links more, different bullets, exclude guide author names, etc.) Any recommendation on how to do that? Thanks!
    by Serin Anderson on Sep 23, 2010.
  2. Hi, Serin - I think you might be able to do this by altering the CSS in your system-wide settings. I'll e-mail you with more details!
    by Laura on Sep 24, 2010.
  3. Using the "Links to Guides Box" is there a way to link to a subpage? So our International Studies librarian can link to my "Postcolonial Literature" subpage of my Lit guide?
    by Lynn on Mar 22, 2012.
  4. Hi, Lynn!

    Unfortunately, there's no way to link to a subpage using the 'Links to Guides' box - but there are a few other things your colleague could do:

    (a) reuse the Postcolonial Literature page from your guide

    (b) link to the Postcolonial Literature page using a rich text or links box

    I hope this helps! Feel free to e-mail us or leave another comment if you have other questions.
    by Laura Harris on Mar 23, 2012.
  5. Is there a CSS trick to reorder the links of manually selected guides? Some of my colleagues and I were disappointed we couldn't do this. Thanks!
    by David Woolard on Mar 07, 2013.
  6. Hi, David!
    There's unfortunately not a CSS trick to reordering the guides. Adding them in the order you want them to appear is the only way for now. :( Sorry! -Cindi
    by Cindi Trainor on Mar 07, 2013.

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