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How do I change my password? I have a collaborator account.

I am a collaborator and want to change my password to something I can remember. Can you help me?
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2010  |  553 Views

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Unfortunately, it is not possible for collaborators to change their password. Sine this editor type does not have a full profile in the system, there is no way/place to change it.

Please hang on to the email initially sent to you by the system (put it somewhere easily accessible), as you'll need that auto-generated password each time you log in to edit that guide.

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Other Answers / Comments (6)

  1. On a related note, do collaborator passwords expire? One of our grad students is a collaborator on a guide; she did save the original email with the password, but today it would not work. I deleted and re-added her so she could get a new password.
    by Kris K. on Aug 11, 2010.
  2. Hi Kris - Nope, Collaborator passwords don't expire. The only way it would be changed/gone is if the Collaborator is removed from the guide. If your grad student has trouble again in future, have them check out the options on this FAQ: If nothing there works, please let us know at support at springshare dot com. Thanks! - Anna
    by Anna on Aug 11, 2010.
  3. Would be helpful for the collaborators to be able to change the password to something easier to remember (maybe it could still have some requirements (# of characters, one capital).
    by Betsy Fronk on Aug 29, 2013.
  4. Hi, Betsy -

    This should be coming soon! We're working on revising the way sign-ons work in general, and when we do that, collaborators will be able to change their passwords. I'll add your contact information to our feature tracking system so we can let you know when this is possible. :)

    by Laura Harris on Aug 29, 2013.
  5. Any word yet on when collaborators will be able to change their passwords?
    by RCurtiss on Apr 02, 2014.
  6. Hi All -
    In LibGuides v.2 the "collaborator" account level is now an "editor" level account. Editor level accounts in LibGuides v.2 can change their passwords.

    To learn more about LibGuides v.2 see our blog posts -

    All the best,
    by Zinthia Briceno on Apr 02, 2014.

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