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How do I add a text box when my page does not have an 'Add New Box' button?

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2013  |  396 Views

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Usually when we see this question it means one of a few things:

  1. You want to customize your homepage & the homepage you're viewing doesn't have the "Add New Box" link.
    This is because the homepage is a special page. You'll need to customize it in the Admin Stuff > Look & Feel > Homepage area. We have a whole guide on customizing your homepage, including adding custom boxes:

  2. You're on one of the "browse" pages in the site that cannot be customized.
    This includes pages like the subject category pages that list guides in that category, the "browse guides" area, search results screens, e-reserves, etc. If you'd like to see what we mean by those pages, add any of these pages to the end of your domain (so, after - or whatever your LibGuides domain happens to be):
    • Subject Categories pages: cat.php
    • Browse pages: browse.php
    • Search: search.php (then run a search to see the results screen)
    • E-Reserves: er.php

  3. If you're on one of your guides and not seeing the edit options, that could mean one of a few things:
    • You're not logged in.
      Check the breadcrumbs in the upper right hand corner. If you see Admin Sign In, you'll need to log into the system.
    • You're logged in, but not in edit mode for that guide.
      Check the breadcrumbs in the upper right hand corner. If you see:
      your username << Guide Admin << Dashboard << Sign Out
      click Guide Admin and you'll be brought into edit mode for the guide.
    • You've exceeded the number of boxes allowed in a column or on a page.
      You can have 50 boxes per column...which is quite a lot. If you've added 50 per column, you will no longer see the "Add New Box" link.
    • There's some HTML on the page that's interfering with the proper display of the page.
      You'll want to check any HTML you might have added to guide/page/box titles, box content, etc. to see if anything is incorrect.
    • There's some custom CSS in your system that is hiding the "Add New Box" link.
      Check through your custom CSS. If you see #addnewbox0 { display:none; } anywhere, remove that line from your custom CSS.
    • You need to clear your browser's cache.
      Sometimes things can get a little tweaked in a browser's cache. If you clear it, it may help the problem.

(Yes, we really have seen all of these things come up. Well, maybe not the 'hiding the add link' one...but all of the others. :)

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