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Can I link to a "books from the catalog" entry?

We're doing a "featured acquisitions" guide where we're using the Books from the Catalog feature to list new books. Is there anyway to link to our "books from the catalog" book entries? E.g. if I write a blog highlighting one of our new books and I want to direct them to that book's entry on our featured acquisitions guide?
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You'll need to build the link yourself, but it definitely can be done. :)

Books from the Catalog box

  1. In edit mode, hover over the edit icon for the book.
    Write down the number that appears in the tooltip.
  2. Copy the URL for the page.
    Remove the ae from the link.
    (Instead of aecontent.php, it should be content.php.) 
  3. Add #book123456 to the end of the link, where 123456 is the number you wrote down.

    So, it might look something like this: #book518751

    The full URL would be:
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