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How do I move content from one LibGuide to another?

Presently I have a libguide (published) but I want to set up another at a higher level. For example, I want the content from a libguide on Buddhism to be put into a new libguide call Asian religions
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Well, since pretty much everything in the system is reusable, this is a very important question and answer!

Using Guides as Templates

You can use one of the guides in your system (or any other LibGuides system) as a starting place for a new guide. Doing this will copy all of the content from one guide to another. None of the content will be linked together, it will simply be an exact copy of the original.

  1. Click Create New Guide.

  2. Choose Use an existing guide as a template - you can select one of your own guides, a guide created by someone else at your institution, or a guide created by someone at another library or organization (that's the Community option).

    You can either search for a guide (just start typing in part of the title - like "template") or you can paste the URL of the guide directly into the space.

  3. Enter the guide title and description, and continue on by clicking the 'Create New Guide' button. 

More information on creating new guides.

Copying/Linking Pages

You can also copy/link pages from other guides within your new guide. Just go to Add/Edit Pages > Reuse Existing Page and follow the instructions in the box.

More information on the Reuse Existing Page function.

Copying/Linking Boxes

Of course, in addition to pages, you can also copy or link boxes from anywhere else in your system in your new guide.

Just choose Copy another box from the system or Link to another box in the system after clicking Add New Box on any page of your guide. Then choose the guide and box you'd like to copy/link.

More information on reusing boxes.

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