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What image size should I use?

What size should images be for optimal download times & clarity of the image?
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2014  |  5133 Views
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As far as web standards, the general recommendation is that any image meant for use on the web be no larger than 100kb (but that really, the smaller the size, the better).The reason for this is that images with larger sizes take longer to load in a standard web browser, and eat up more bandwidth. This can slow down your patron's interactions on your website, and can also lower your ranking in Google's search algorithm.

Roy Tennant posted an excellent "Web Image Size Tips and Tricks", which you can read here: He mentions several techniques to minimize the bandwidth impact of inline images, including:

  1. Adjust the physical size of the image
  2. Decrease the image resolution
  3. Decrease the number of colors/bits per pixel
  4. Use the JPEG format for images and the GIF format for text or line art
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Other Answers / Comments (4)

  1. The link to Roy Tennant's posting on Web Image Size Tips and Tricks is not available for access.

    Is it possible to have this document made available to view?
    by Joan Lange on Nov 05, 2013.
  2. Thanks, Joan. That link has been fixed. - Ken
    by Ken Liss on Nov 05, 2013.
  3. Hi, there: The URL link in the 2nd paragraph works, but the bulleted
    (link) "Web Image Size Tips and Tricks" does not link to the correct location. Thanks!
    by Charlene Gross on Jul 27, 2014.
  4. Hi Charlene!
    Thank you for catching that :) I did some digging and updated the URL.
    by Valentina Mayz on Jul 27, 2014.

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