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How does link submission box approval work?

When using the "link submission" box. I noticed that user submitted links are automatically appearing on the libguide without first my receiving an email for me to approve the link. Also, while the field for Name says optional the user is being prompted to enter their name.
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The "approve link" function in the link submission box is a bit tricky to test. This is because the Link Submission feature is set to automatically approve links that are submitted by guide owners/editors. Even when you log out of your LibGuides system, your authentication information for this function remains in your browser's cache, so it may appear as though any link submission is automatically approved.

To test the Link Submission function, the guide must have a status of either "Public" or "Private" (not "Unpublished). To test, either:

  • Log out of LibGuides, clear your browser's cache (we have instructions here), navigate to the public version of your page, and submit the link
  • Head to a public workstation at your institution, navigate to the public version of your page, and submit a link

Using either of these methods, you should be able to see the link submission approval functionality. The link won't automatically be added to the public version of your guide, and you (the guide creator) will receive an email notifying you of the submission. When you click the URL included in that email, you'll be taken to the edit mode within that guide, and the link you've submitted will appear with a yellow triangle/caution icon next to it. Clicking that icon will allow you to approve or delete the link (see below).

Icon - approve submission

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Other Answers / Comments (6)

  1. Can you edit the link submitted by others, e.g. changing URL or link title?
    by Sue on Jan 16, 2013.
  2. Hi Sue, Zinthia here from the support team. You cannot edit the user submitted link. You can delete it and enter it yourself, as if you were the patron. Then you can have a new link with the proper information.
    by Zinthia Briceno on Jan 16, 2013.
  3. Is there a way for a collaborator to get the Submitted Link notification emails?
    by Jennie on Aug 26, 2013.
  4. Hi, Jennie! That's not currently possible, but I'll suggest this to our development team!
    by Laura Harris on Aug 26, 2013.
  5. If there are multiple owners - do they all get the alert email?
    by Rachel Hopkins on Jun 19, 2014.
  6. Hi Rachel-
    Only the original guide owner will get the email notification.
    by Michelle Lustig on Jun 19, 2014.

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