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Can we install and host LibGuides locally, vs. remote hosting/software as a service?

Would like to purchase and host LibGuides on our intranet.
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2010  |  485 Views

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LibGuides is a fully hosted package, and we don't offer the option to host your content on your own local servers. There are many advantages to this method:

  • Our system uptime is near-legendary - in the 3 years that LibGuides has existed, we have had 99.99% system uptime, and while we don't guarantee an uptime percentage, we go to great lengths to make sure LibGuides is available at all times

  • Since we host your system, you never need worry about installing system updates or performing system maintenance - you're always running the latest-and-greatest system, and always have access to all the new features we're continually adding

  • We also take care of data backups, and (with the add-on module) you can also create local backups of your content as a second line of defense

  • Since all systems are hosted, cross-system communication is a breeze - this makes it easy to reuse and share content between libraries

Of course, we strongly believe that the data that libraries create in LibGuides is their own, so if you ever decide to cancel LibGuides, we'll give you all of your data back in an XML format within 30 days of cancelling.

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