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How do I add the customized icon (favicon) in front of the URL in the address bar?

I notice some universities have their uni icons appearing in front of the url in the address bar. How can I do that?
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One of the many things you can customize in LibGuides (or any of our other products) is the image that shows up in the tab near the page name (the favicon). (These used to show up next to the url, however most browsers have disabled this option for website security reasons.) Here's how...

Note: You must be an admin-level user in your system to do this.

  • Place a favicon file (an .ico file) on one of your publicly accessible webservers (like your library website's server).
    For example, MIT placed theirs at
  • Go to Admin Stuff > Look & Feel > System-wide Settings tab > Custom JS/CSS Code box put the following line.
    >>>Make sure to insert the following outside of your style tages.
    >>>Make sure you replace YOUR ICON URL with the URL for your image.

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="YOUR ICON URL" />
  • Click Save Custom JS/CSS.
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