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How do I fix box borders when column width is changed?

When I change the width of a column one of the boxes in the column shortened so it can no longer contain all of the content previous contained within the box. This content is a search widget. The additional content now overlaps with any boxes placed below the first box. How can I adjust the box margins.
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Most of the time, when you change the column size, the box adjusts correctly automatically.

Sometimes, though, there's an attribute in the HTML that may cause some issues.

Here are some causes:

  • Float: if the text, table, image, whatever has a style attribute of float: left;, that can cause the text, image, or whatever's there to flow outside of the box.
  • Align=Left: If you have a table in the box and it's set to align="left", that can cause problems with the table flowing outside the least in IE (anyone surprised?).

So, as a first test, check the HTML of the widget:

  • Click edit text, then click the Plain Text Editor Tab toward the top of the box.
    This will display all of the HTML for the box.
  • Look through the HTML for something like:
    • style="float: left;"  or style="float: right;"
    • align="left" in a <table> tag
  • If you see either of those, try removing them and saving. 
  • If you'd prefer to keep your image floating left, there is something you can add at the end to clear the float.
    • Scroll down to the end of the code on the Plain Text Editor Tab
    • Insert the following HTML: <br clear="all" /> then Save & Close
    • If you make any additional edits to the Rich Text Editor the above code will disappear and you'll need to add it again via the Plain Text Editor
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