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How do I add a journal to a libguide using a "Books from the Catalog" box?

I would like to feature a specific journal. I noticed that the "Books from the Catalog" box gives you the option to input an ISBN number or an ISSN. Whenever I input an ISSN, I get an error message.
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You can use the Books from the Catalog box to add just can't use some of the functionality of the box. Namely, Get Book Info or Cover Art.

  • The Get Book Info function only supports ISBNs.
    If you add an ISSN and click that button, you will get an error message.
  • For Cover Art:
    • Syndetics provides cover art images for books, videos, DVDs and CDs...but generally speaking, not journals (as far as we're aware).
    • Amazon provides cover art images for books and only supports the 10 digit ISBN.

You technically can still add the ISSN to the ISBN field to have it display on the screen - but the label will be ISBN, not ISSN.

A better option might be to add the ISSN to the Description field. So in the Description box, you might add something like:
<strong>ISSN:</strong> 0362-4331

For cover art, you have a couple of options:

  • We have "no cover art available" images you can use. Select from the "Default Blue" or "Default White" option when selecting your cover art.
  • Or you can add your own cover art image (assuming proper copyright permissions, etc.). All you need is the URL for the image. Then, when adding a book to the Books from the Catalog box:
    • Choose Other from the Cover Art options.
    • Add the URL for your image in the box that appears.
    • Save your "book".
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Other Answers / Comments (5)

  1. I wish we could add our own cover art image files then... I want to make a list of journals for a "virtual reading room", but I'm going to have to use a plain textbox, it seems.
    by Erika on Aug 02, 2010.
  2. Hi Erika - you can add your own cover art image files to the Books from the Catalog box. To do it, you just need to have an image URL to refer to. You create the images as you'd like them to appear, and upload them (either to our server if you have the add-on module, or your own server). If you upload them using our image manager, you can then copy the image URL from the "add image" screen and paste it into the BftC box.This explanation of our "no cover art" placeholders might help: - that will show you where to paste the image URL in the books from the catalog screen & will give you an idea of the image sizes we're using. Let us know if you'd like more help with this - you can reach us at Thanks!
    by Sarah on Aug 02, 2010.
  3. Thanks! Great response time and highly helpful.
    by Erika on Aug 02, 2010.
  4. This link for "no cover art available" options does not work:

    We have "no cover art available" images you can use. Here are instructions on how to use those:

    Do you have other suggestions? I'm a bit leery of possible copyright entanglements when cover art is not available.
    by Sherry on Jun 23, 2016.
  5. Hi Sherry! In LibGuides v1, you can choose either the "Default Blue" or "Default White" cover art options to display a generic book cover image.

    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, let us know at
    by Tim on Jun 23, 2016.

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