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How do I make a change apply to all guides?

If I change a detail (a link) in my template and then want this change applied to to other guides is there a way to do this?
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Reusing content in your system is *key* to creating an easily update-able system. You can reuse boxes, links, pages, etc...pretty much anything you could want!

Linking to this content is the key: link a box from many guides to one "master" box; when you update that "master" box, all of the linked boxes are automatically updated. Same for links or pages.

If you have your template & a bunch of guides already, this will take a little while to set up - but it's *so* worth it!

If you haven't set your system up yet, do this first!

  • Create a "reusable content" guide that never gets published publicly (leave it unpublished or private).
    This guide will contain all content that can & will be used elsewhere - including in your template:
    • search boxes;
    • lists of links (for help, etc.);
    • chat boxes;
    • list of links to your databases;
      (You may want to consider a separate guide for this, especially if you'd like to publish it for your users. If you're a Serials Solutions customer, this is a super easy process. Check out the A-Z Resource List  Management guide.)
    • anything else you can think of that would be reused in your LibGuides.
  • In your template, replace appropriate boxes with boxes linked to the "reusable content" guide.
    So, if you have a Library Catalog search box in your template:
    • Delete the box;
    • Add a new box;
    • Choose Link to another box in the system;
    • Choose your "reusable content" guide and the library catalog box within that guide;
    • Give the box a name and click Create Box.
    • Repeat this for any other box you can link to your "reusable content" guide.
  • You can do the same for individual links, if appropriate.
    (If you don't want to replace the whole box, just a few links.)
    • Delete the link from the box;
    • Add a new link;
    • Click the Reuse Existing Link tab at the top of the box;
    • Select the guide that has the link you'd like to use (or leave the drop-down on 'All Guides' if you're not sure);
    • Type the name of the link and click on the appropriate link from the results list;
    • Edit the description, if desired, and click Reuse Link.

Now whenever you change anything in your "reusable content" guide, it will automatically update in your template and any guides that have been created from that template. Sweet!

If you have any guides in your system that you created before you created a "reusable content" guide and before you linked those boxes on your template, you'll have to go to each guide and follow the steps for the 2nd and 3rd major bullet points above.

As I mentioned above, a lot of work, but *so* worth it when it's done. Recruit your guide authors to get it done faster! Show them how to link boxes and where to find the "reusable" boxes. :)

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