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Does LibGuides have a search & replace tool? Can it replace just part of a link?

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013  |  2108 Views

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Yes and yes! Here's how to use it:

Note: You must be an admin level user in your system to do this.

  1. Navigate to Admin Stuff > Link Management > Global Search & Replace tab

  2. Enter:
    • Text to search for: Enter the original URL. It can be just part of a URL if that's all that's changing!
    • Text to replace with: Enter the new URL (or URL fragment).
  3. Check the first check box to send a request to Springshare to run the search and replace in content boxes like Rich Text Boxes. (The search & replace utility immediately changes links in Links & Lists, Simple Web Links, or Books from the Catalog boxes. All other boxes are updated via this request.)
  4. Check off the 2nd box if the search is case sensitive.
  5. Click Search and Replace.
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Other Answers / Comments (10)

  1. Hello! Before I run the global search/replace, I'd like to confirm something. In my example, I only need to update a portion of the URL, not the whole thing. The URL appears throughout our site with a wide range of endings; it's only the root of the URL that I want to change while leaving the rest of each URL intact. Will this work with the global search/replace function?
    by Katie B.N. on Nov 19, 2012.
  2. Yes. Absolutely. The global search/replace function will only replace the part of the URL that you enter. We have an FAQ with an example at
    by Ken Liss on Nov 19, 2012.
  3. Hello! Is there also a search/replace feature for non-URL text?
    by Katie Nazarian on Jul 09, 2013.
  4. Hi Katie - Yes. You can you use the Global Search & Replace to replace non-URL text. Just make sure to check the box that says "Check this box to also perform the search and replace within the text of your content boxes." We will then make those changes for you. - Ken
    by Ken Liss on Jul 09, 2013.
  5. Hi - will this function also search and replace text in scripts that are in rich text boxes? We have a number of search widgets that need to be updated and it would be great to search and replace them all at once. thank you.
    by Beth Juhl on Aug 29, 2013.
  6. Hi Katie-
    It will :) you just have to check the first box which will send a request to us to run it on the back end.
    by Michelle Lustig on Aug 29, 2013.
  7. Follow-up to comment 4 - I just tried Global Search & Replace to update the text of a database name and it found instances/replaced in text of content boxes, but did not replace database name in Simple Web Links, Links & Lists, etc. boxes. Is this not possible? URL search and replace worked just fine, btw. Thanks for any advice you can give!
    by Melissa Vetter on Dec 10, 2013.
  8. Hi Melissa!
    I can help you with this, as we have an internal utility to help us look into this level of detail. I'll email you directly to get more info from you to check on this.
    by Valentina Mayz on Dec 10, 2013.
  9. Hi. Up above in #2, a post by Ken Liss, there is a URL to an FAQ. That URL resolves to: --Whoops! not found. Could the same info be found somewhere else?
    by Kathy on Dec 15, 2015.
  10. Hi, Kathy, I don't see the original FAQ he was referring to, but I can answer anyway. The search and replace is a string replacer. It looks for the exact input text, and replaces it with what you've decided to replace it with. So, if you search for, and replace it with, then it search partial URLs too. For example, would become
    by Greg Sigountos on Dec 15, 2015.

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